Building Business Savvy Teams.

Connecting People and Numbers.

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We build Business Savvy Teams. 

Business Savvy is…

An understanding of how your company works and what it takes for it to grow sustainably towards greater results. Recognizing how strategies, behaviors, actions, and decisions affect the numbers and drive your organization’s profitable and sustainable growth. And at the same time enhancing the professional and personal growth of the employees.

Why Business Savvy?

Business Savvy is an essential skill for all employees to grow professionally and personally. Truly sustainable, long-term business success requires good business insight and input from all levels.

We believe that employees – a key stakeholder for any company – should know how their day-to-day activities contribute to the organization’s higher purpose and goals.

Business Savvy Employees are confident to use this knowledge to understand their customers’ business objectives, strategic priorities, and pain points – becoming a real business partner.

Business Savvy helps employees to make the emotional connection between their involvement and the success of the company.  To understand the benefits of being involved, understanding how their company performs. They feel more engaged; they take ownership and responsibility for continuous improvement.

With Business Savvy Employees, you will harness the intelligence and ingenuity of everyone at your organization to improve your business from the bottom up!

Closing the Strategy-to-Performance Gap

Employees who don’t speak the business language can’t help their companies to bridge the gap between ambition and performance.

Strategies are approved but often poorly communicated. Lower levels in the organization don’t know what they need to do, when they need to do it, or what resources will be required to deliver the performance senior management expects.

Closing the Strategy-to-Performance gap with our Business Savvy Program is a source of immediate performance improvement and an important driver of cultural change. It has a large and lasting impact on the organization’s capabilities, strategies, and competitiveness and added value for all stakeholders.

With Business Savvy Teams, your strategy will be translated, implemented, and realized – improving the employee engagement and results for all stakeholders from day one.

The Business Savvy Culture 

‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ (Peter Drucker)

Companies will not change their corporate culture through punch lists and ticking boxes. They will only succeed by enabling their employees to feel empowered to make the change.’  

The Business Savvy Program will create a Business Savvy Culture. Change is not sustainable unless there is a change in behavior. With our Business Savvy Culture Monitor we monitor the progress towards a Business Savvy Culture.

Curious how Business Savvy your team is? Share the link with your team, fill in the Survey. We send you the results – you start the dialogue with your team.
That’s why OpenBook.Works build Business Savvy Teams.

Facts & figures


of all employees want to know more about the performance of their company (source Gallup)


engagement improvement by organizations who deploy gamification (source Gallup)


Start with the 1st Step.

What are Business Savvy Teams?

  • Are driven by Aligned Motives: everyone understands that continuous improvement benefits all stakeholders – the client, the employees, and the organization.
  • Start from a Common Strategic Perspective: all Team Members know which strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are critical and most relevant to achieving the goal.
  • Understand that it is a Team Effort: Teams break down organizational silos, remove blind spots to find the best opportunities to create sustainable value for the client. Improving their professional lives at the same time.
  • Strive for Mutually Agreed Operational and Commercial Targets: Teams set their own goals to stimulate both professional learning and better business performance.
  • Build Trust through Open and Proactive Communication using self-designed scoreboards that chart progress made, progress to come, and the lessons learned.
  • Celebrate Success Together regularly, giving recognition to the team’s efforts and having Fun!

Facts & figures


of what we experience we will remember (Cone of Experience, Edgar Dale)


of all employees think personal attention is more important than a bonus (source Gallup)


Start with the 1st Step.

We make change fun and effective

With 100-day Savvy Challenges, we boost the action and dialogue for individual and team performance, value creation, and results. We realize the personal and professional growth of the employees for continuous improvement. By involving everyone throughout the value chain, from strategy to execution, we empower people to take ownership, break down barriers, give employees the power of conversion, and learn how to influence business results. Our programs start small and grow organically to ensure the right cultural fit – before speeding up the deployment to increase the pace of the organization.


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