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Turn every Employee into an Entrepreneur

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. 30% of the employees have no idea of the strategy of their organization, while half of those working do not enjoy their job. Duncan Oyevaar believes that this must, and can, change. When employees understand the WHY of the organization, they will be able to determine the WHAT and HOW. Enable them to set their own team goals in line with the overall organizational goals. Creating Business Savvy Teams. A sustainable change improving the lives of the employees and the results of the organizations.

Impact = Purpose x Performance

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In 2014 we became a Certified B Corp. Now we’re very proud to announce that OpenBook.Works has become a ‘Best for the World 2019’ Certified B Corporation™ for the third time in a row!
B Corporations, such as Patagonia, Ben, and Jerry’s, Triodos Bank, and Danone, are a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
The annual Best for the World ratings “highlight the businesses that have scored in the top 10 % of the more than 2,900 Certified B Corporations on the assessment.

We strongly believe that employees – a key stakeholder for any company – often have insufficient insight into how their day-to-day activities contribute to the higher purpose of the organization. Truly sustainable, long-term business success requires sound business insight and input from all levels.

With a sound organizational performance, you have the basis for making a sustainable impact structurally.

By understanding the strategy and financials, employees can come up with new ideas to achieve those goals. You are harnessing the intelligence and ingenuity of everyone at your organization.
As a B Corp, there is an interaction between meaningful business and healthy finances:
· these two quantities influence each other,
· a right balance is essential for continuity of business,
· continuity is sustainability,
· money is not a goal for meaningful companies, but a means,
· money is a crucial resource – the bigger the dream and mission, the more money the company needs.

With our Program, based on OpenBook-Management and using Gaming Elements, we frame the sustainable Business Case (RoI) for environmental and social initiatives for our clients.
Our Program realizes personal and professional growth and enhances the engagement of the employees.
Business Savvy Teams understand the sustainable added value they can realize for their stakeholders.