How do we do it?

Based on the elements of Trust and Facts, we build Business Savvy Teams.

And the Team Challenges are the building blocks, realizing instant result, are self funding and more...

Our action learning program

Learn more about our special action learning program, based on the principles of Open-Book Management.

2 Day Analyses

Opportunity Analysis Workshop

A Team Challenge starts with a two-day Opportunity Analysis workshop, where participants set a target for the next 100 days. This target is in line with an overall long-term goal to create added value across the organization.

Setting Targets

Making their own Scoreboards

The Team decides on how best to achieve that target. Each Team creates a scoreboard with a clear view on progress towards the target and the long-term goal. The scoreboards, crafted by the teams through a creative and fun process, are crucial to keeping track during daily and weekly updates. Make it collaborative. Make it easy to update. Make it your own!

Let the Challenges begin!

Team Challenges

Real-life, no simulation, Team Challenges accelerate both learning and business performance by incorporating forecasting as a learning tool and impacting the day-to-day activities of the organization. By making the right connections throughout the value chain, breakthrough insights, decisive actions, and improved instant results are achieved.


Celebrating Success!

At the end of each Team Challenge, we evaluate the process for improvement, decide upon the next Team Challenge - and celebrate the success.

A Real - Life Challenge of 100 Days

Learn & Improve

During the 100 days real-life Team Challenge, we deliver a mixture of coaching, consultancy, advice, and training for the employees as well as for the management. Our ultimate goal is that the employees will learn how to start their Team Challenge so that they can continuously learn and improve the sustainable results of the organization.


And keep Growing

We also measure the progress of People, Process, and Profit. Our unique Business Savvy App keeps everyone involved and drives the dialogue for results. Everyone learns how they can contribute to the overall performance of their company. In this way, we create top-line results together with enhanced engagement so that the organization and all its stakeholders can continue to grow. Moreover, we make it fun!

…let’s get Business Savvy!

Want to learn about our program and what it can mean for you and your business?